Las Vegas based rapper-songwriter Vonta Nicole has an incredible gift of perception that is demonstrated in her illustrative and lyrical content. Honing in on her writing abilities from an early age - including poetry, lyric writing, and songwriting - Vonta Nicole knew writing would play a consistent role in her life proving that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Through her love of reading, knowledge and experience Vonta Nicole is able to write from any angle and emotionally connect with any audience showing that music is a language of the Universe coming forth from the soul and intuitively known by all.

Vonta Nicole has a true love for using her natural born gift of writing as a channel to bring awareness and power to others by giving voice to experiences and helping people to be heard. Vonta Nicole attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas as a Criminal Justice major as well as Grace Bible College as a Business major. Vonta currently takes courses at the Berklee School of Music and continues to cultivate and nurture her writing abilities. 

Music & Writing Samples

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Cameo Artist Package

The Cameo Artist is for artists featuring on the hook/chorus of a song. Also for producers who would like to add a hook/chorus to their instrumental arrangement.

One 4-8 bar hook/chorus.
Word Doc containing the lyrics.
Reference Track in MP3 format for reference of flow, cadence, adlibs, and a melody of the written hook

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Featured Artist Package

Featured Artist is for artists who will be contributing at least one 16 Bar verse on a song or if you only need one 16 bar verse to finish or complete a song. 

One 16 Bar Verse
Word Doc containing the lyrics.
Reference Track in MP3 format for reference of flow, cadence, adlibs, and a melody of the written hook.

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Rap Artistry Package

Rap Artistry is for artists who are looking to have a FULL structured and cohesive rap song written from beginning to end.

Two 16 Bar Verses
One 4-8 bar hook/chorus
Word Doc containing the lyrics.
Reference Track in MP3 format for reference of flow, cadence, adlibs, and a melody of the written hook.

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*Co-Writer Discount*

Price: 25% OFF Selected Service
The Co-Writer Package provides the selected service of your choice with a 25% discount. With this package writing credit will be split 50/50 between the artist and Vonta Nicole. The artist must regeister with a PRO (Performing Rights Organization) so that royalties may be collected and evenly distributed. With this package it is required that Vonta Nicole be listed as a co-writer for the song. 

All the services dependent upon the package selected by the artist at a 25% discount. Just enter the code 'co-write' all lowercase letters  at checkout. 

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How To Purchase Writing Services


Request An Invoice

Choose a service that fits your songwriting needs then request an invoice for that service. 


Submit Questionnaire

Complete questionnaire sent via email after payment. 



You will receive your song in 3-7 business days depending on the date of purchase and service. 

Writing Packages

Full Rap Artistry

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For Artist Looking For A Full Song 

  • Two 16 Bar Verses 
  • Chorus/Hook
  • 7 Day Delivery 

  • 2 FREE Revisions

  • Original Lyrics/Melody

  • Reference Track 

  • PDF Copy of Lyrics

Featured Artist 

Contact For Pricing

For Featured Rap Artist 
or One Verse

  • One 16 Bar Verse

  • No Chorus/Hook
  • 3 Day Delivery 
  • 2 FREE Revisions

  • Original Lyrics/Melody 

  • Reference Track 

  • PDF Copy of Lyrics

The Cameo Artist

Contact For Pricing

For Featured Artist
or Hook/Chorus only 

  • 4-8 Bar Hook 
  • 3 Day Delivery 
  • 2 FREE Revisions

  • Original Lyrics/Melody

  • No bars/verses 

  • Reference Track 

  • PDF Copy of Lyrics

Co-Writer Credit

25% Off

List Vonta Nicole as co-writer. 

  • Get 25% OFF Service
  • Retain 50% Ownership  
  • *PRO Registration 

  • Original Lyrics/Melody

  • 2 FREE Revisions

  • Reference Track 

  • PDF Copy of Lyrics

Payments Accepted

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Pay Pal
  • Discover
  • Stripe

General Information

Additional Services|Delivery Time|Revisions|

Hip Hop: This includes Freestyle, Storytelling, Underground, Alternative/Conscious, and Religious/Spiritual, Trap, etc., and Pop/R&B. 

No. I only offer ghostwriting/songwriting services.

2 FREE revisions come with each service. Additional revisions can be purchased for an additional $20. 

Full song (Two 16 Bar Verses w/Hook) 
Delivery Time: 7 days from the date the order is placed. 
Featured Artist Package (One 16 Bar Verse)
Delivery Time: 3 days from the date you place your order. 
Cameo Package (Hook/Chorus Only):
Delivery Time: 3 days from the date the order is placed. 

No, refunds will not be provided. Each service/package comes with 2 FREE revisions. Additional revisions can be purchased. Please be sure to read through the FAQ thoroughly and to submit all questions upfront prior to purchase. 


Reference Tracks/Lyrics

Yes, a reference track will be provided as a guide for flow, cadence, adlibs, and melody in MP3 format. The reference track IS NOT for commercial release, licensing, streaming, distribution or the like. The reference track is intended to be used as a tool to assist the artist with delivery only.

No. The reference track provided will not be mixed or mastered due to the intended purpose of the track. Only writing services will be provided. However, the reference track will be clear and of high quality for easy understanding of tempo, melody, delivery, pitch, tone, projection, etc.,

No, the instrumental arrangement must be provided by the artist. I will not be responsible for the purchasing, licensing, or leasing, of any musical compositions or productions. It is recommended that the artist lease, license, or purchase rights to instrumental directly from the original producer.

No. Only the vocals will be released along with the right to commercially release the vocals. The artist is responsible for having the vocals mixed and mastered.

Yes, a copy of the lyrics will be provided. 


Commercial Releases

Yes, I am with ASCAP. Search me under Vonta Nicole. 

Yes, although subject to approval. The Vocal release option is available as an add-on upon purchase of writing services. Once purchased, the artist may use my vocals for release (distribution, royalty, streaming, etc.,) but without vocal credit, I must remain "unknown" unless otherwise discussed.

Co-writing credit isn't necessary unless the artist purchases the Co-writer Package which provides a 25% discount on the selected service. In this case, co-writer credit will be split 50% and must be registered with a PRO (Performing Rights Organization) to assure royalties are evently distributed and collected and Vonta Nicole is listed as a co-writer.  All other services are specifically for ghostwriting. This means the artist will receive all royalties and credits and the original writer will remain unknown.

Yes - unless otherwise discussed or the Co-writer package is selected. The artist will own the copyright to the lyrics upon purchase. The artist will be responsible for purchasing and obtaining copyrights to the lyrics.

The co-writer discount works two ways. 

1. Vonta Nicole can writes the entire song beginning to end and half the credit will be given to the artist as a "writer". 
2. Both the artist and Vonta Nicole collaborate together to write a song. 

To sign-up for this option, simply select one of the above services (Full Rap Artistry, The Featured Artist, or The Cameo Artist) another window will open containing a brief questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire be sure to select co-writer discount when prompted. 

Contact Information 

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